The Model of Your Car Affects Repair Cost

When buying our cars, some of us choose to have a policy for repair but others may not. Some would say that there is no reason for a warranty to have a car repair if they take good care of their car. They may be right to some point but still, playing safe is better as we can’t avoid any circumstances that we can not control the situation. Money expenses like these seem to pop up at the worst times.


Whenever people purchase a car, many of us decide to get a plan for possible breakdowns. Others might not because they will say that it is not necessary for them to get a car repair warranty as long as they take proper care of their cars. They are potentially right to some degree but nonetheless, playing safe is much better as we cannot prevent any situations where the vehicle might need repair. Having to get a car repair done can be a stressful situation. How will I get the kids to their soccer game? How will I get to work? Who can I get to pick me up from the repair shop? There are many more questions that pope up when we need a car repaired.

It’s been my experience that these needed repairs happen when my money is the tightest.

This is usually the normal scenario that a vehicle owner is facing whenever a car needs repair. Tight money situations and needing a car fixed is not fun. Tinkering around under the hood of a car without the proper tools is not fun.

Seeing that there are a great number of manufacturers and versions today, it can sometimes be tricky to find a mechanic shop that specializes in every motor vehicle fix.

A car dealer would always suggest a car buyer to seriously have a warranty policy. This containing the cost to the consumer while letting the dealer provide the care repairs. Usually, it is the car dealerships finance person pushing these. They push these hard because it’s how he earns his living.

They gladly take our money. Buy by spending the extra money upfront for the repair policy and coverage we gain the advantage to having our vehicle repaired in good hands. Allowing us to say that the repair is handled by a specialist since they are your manufacturer. The manufacturers have their specialized tools to handle the job. In this circumstance, we aren’t required to shop around for the best repair shop, therefore, saving our effort, time, with less frustration during this stressful situation.

On the other hand, a generic repair warranty would probably force us to bring the motor vehicle to their specific maintenance shop for repair. This could be across town and down with a less qualified mechanic. If you choose to go this route, make sure that the repair shop is not using recycled parts. You can double check by requesting an invoice whenever they say that some parts need to be replaced.

Just be wise when choosing how your care will be repaired. If you have no idea about car repair, maintenance, and other car stuff, you better get it covered under the dealer’s policy. It will save you a big headache in the long run. But if you feel like you can take care of the repairs and you can find a reliable repair shop save the money.

Consider all the possibilities in the future. Its not just about money. It also can cost you major time, work, disappointment, and even savings. So be careful in choosing. I usually error on the side of caution as auto repairs are a headache and I don’t want the expense of buying tools to do the maintenance myself.